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Beads from around the world

What to choose

So many reds


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I get excited when I see strands of beads hanging in colourful batches in the markets of Asia.  Or nestled in small pots in bead stores in Europe.  I like to scout out interesting shapes and textures and bring them back to Lake Laberge where I make them into one-of-a kind necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Image gallery for jewellery


Examples of the jewellery I create. Click on any image and it will take you to a gallery.

Currently under construction.



I store most of my beads in plastic boxes on shelves so access is easy.  Similar colours are stored in compartments in the same box.  Some boxes have a multitude of colours because they come from the same location.  For example, the box to the right has beads from Indonesia.




I supply all tools and materials needed during a workshop.  You can design on a bead board or on a cloth

Stringing material


I use the very best material in the creation of the jewellery. The stringing material is most important because this is what holds the beads.  I buy Beadalon, the very best in terms of ease of use and durability.  Beadalon stringing supplies also have good ‘drape’, which means your necklace or bracelet will hang properly.


Findings is the name given to all the bits and pieces that a beader needs – spacer beads, charms, fasteners, head pins etc.  All are provided in workshops.


Workshops scheduled for the Spring of 2020 include:


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