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In a garden


One of life’s pleasures, surely, is to visit a garden and enjoy the bounty of Nature tended by the hand of Man.  I spend a lot of time in England (where I was born) and when the weather is at least decent (!) off I go to a garden.  Many of the properties are maintained by the National Trust and I find an annual membership to be the most economical way of visiting these treasured properties.  Many of the garden surround a stately home but it is always the garden rather than the building that pulls me.  I’ve also been fortunate enough to be invited by the Tarrant Gunville Garden Club (Tarrant Gunville is a lovely village in Dorset) to join them on their privately arranged visits to lesser well know (but still very beautiful and interesting) gardens.  It is ironic to have to acknowledge that it is that infamous inclement British weather than combines with talented plant persons and gardeners to create these little pieces of paradise. 

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