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Beyond the world we see

Although I am not formally trained as an artist, for as long as I can remember colour, form and texture captured my attention.  As I developed my skill as a photographer, I became less satisfied with documentary and representational images and sought to use the camera to explore the often unnoticed aspects of familiar places and objects. For the last several years, I have explored the use of Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple Exposure as in-camera techniques to create images that go beyond representation to reveal unique aspects of everyday reality that are not always apparent to a cursory glance.  

Colour, form and texture are the instigators of my curiosity;  the camera becomes the medium of creation.

My approach of looking beyond the world we know has led me to realise that the least promising ‘material’ in the real world, can become a series of abstract images.  I particularly enjoy finding images in overlooked or abandoned material: one of my favourite haunts is  the local garbage dump where I like to go to ‘train my eye’ to find patterns and shapes in everyday objects.  Creating structure out of chaos is a goal I aspire to and I am particularly interested in how colour, line and texture define an image. 

I was born n the United Kingdom but have lived in Canada for over fifty years. I make my home in a log house in the boreal forest in the Yukon and live fifty kilometres from Whitehorse, the capital.