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Attractions Nearby

Carcross is 75 kms from Whitehorse (about an hour) along the South Klondyke highway and makes a nice day trip.  Head south on the Alaska Highway (about 22 kms) until you reach the junction with the South Klondyke Highway.  You might want to combine this with a trip to Skagway (100 kms from Carcross, approximately 2 hours along a very scenic road).  On the way, stop at the Robinson Roadhouse to see old log buildings dating from 1901.  Further along, Emerald Lake is worthy of its name.  If you have time, take a stroll through the Carcross Desert.

Carcross is nestled between Lake Bennett and Nares Lake.   It grew to prominence during the Gold Rush as the place where the stampeders who had climbed the Chilcoot Trail built the boats to take them the rest of the way on the Ykon River to Dawson. Now  tourists take the train to Skagway or hikers for the Chilkoot Trail are picked up and droped off.   It is also home to a first rate First Nations dance troop and, if you are lucky, you might catch a display of drumming and dancing on the Carcross Commons.  In the spring, Trumpeter swans congregate on Lake Bennett as the ice begins to break up.


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